Increase the overall power of your Indian Motorcycle with our 126" big bore kit, designed from high quality ductile iron sleeves and lightweight forged pistons to give the best overall power and reliability.

Lloyd'z Garage is the only place in the world to offer a 126 or 131 big bore kit for your Thunderstroke motor! Unmatchable power from the leaders in Indian Performance! In early 2022 we celebrated our 126th 126 bbk and haven't let off the pedal!

Our piston design has many years of Research & Development involved to yield the best possible performance and reliability. Our 126" kit is comprised of a 105.28mm bore with 2 lightweight forged pistons (complete with Rings, C-Clips and Wrist Pins), 2 Head Gaskets, and 2 Base Gaskets. 
Call the Lloyd'z dealer closest to you (link above) for install of Thunderstroke big bore kits & tuning.