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Lloyd’z Adjustable Timing Gear

Lloyd’z Adjustable Timing Gear

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Include CCG?
  • Adjust Ignition Timing Without Additional Electronics
  • Improved Throttle Response & Low-End Power
  • Adjust Timing under 2500 RPM
  • This only fits 08 and newer Victorys

LLOYD’Z Precision Timing System Allows for 6 degrees retard and 8 degrees of advance timing adjustments. This can give your bike quicker throttle response at lower RPMs. We typically see gains of 3-5 additional hp, and we’ve also seen up to 18 ft-lbs torque gained! Can also be used to help eliminate pre-detonation (pinging) on some motors. Works with any combination of parts and will make timing adjustments under 2500 RPMs. Power Commander 5 can only make timing changes above 2500 RPMs so this product can compliment the PCV and other fuel controllers.

When ordering the Timing Gear for ’08-’17 models (HOH-675-02), we highly recommend replacing the Cam Chain Cover Gasket at this time, as the stock gasket is typically destroyed during removal. We offer a reusable Cam Cover Gasket that can be ordered seperately or packaged with your timing gear (HOH-675).

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