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Lloyd’z Indian Cam Changing Tool

Lloyd’z Indian Cam Changing Tool

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  • Simplified Camshaft removal/reinstallation
  • faster Camshaft installation time
  • high-strength aluminum Design

Constructed from high-strength aluminum, this tool will assist during the removal/reinstallation of camshafts for Indian Thunderstroke  models. Steel slides prevent the motor’s lifters from dropping during the installation procedure, and also feature a 5 degree rotation lock to prevent accidental release of the slides. The tool does not need to be bolted to the camshafts. Also includes one cam-turning tool which does not need to be bolted to the cams, resulting in faster cam installation times.

Backlash Gear Install Tool is highly recommended in conjunction.  This tool will assist in the removal/reinstallation of the two backlash gears during a camshaft installation job on an Indian Thunderstroke Model.

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